Optimizing the workflow allows you to improve your post-production and thus achieve more easily and quickly the desired results. The course is structured in different sections and videos, covering in over 3 hours all the post-production topics from the RAW management to the export of the file. Following the videos, you will learn a new workflow that can be immediately applied to your images.
  • Basic Post-production on Lightroom

  • Selective Post-production on Lightroom

  • Photoshop and Plug-ins

  • Luminosity/Tonality Masks and Color Management

  • Optimized File Export

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Class Topics

During this class we will cover the complete post-production of a selected image

  • 02

    Post-production in Lightroom

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    • Introduction to the Lesson
    • File import and management
    • Image analysis
    • Global Adjustments
    • Basic Local Adjustments
  • 03

    Advanced Local Adjustments

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    • Introduction to the Lesson
    • Local Adjustments with Nik Collection
    • Local Adjustments with TMPanel
    • Image Finalization
  • 04

    Image Export

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    • Introduction to the Lesson
    • Export for Archiving
    • Exporting for the Web
    • Introduction to Export for Printing
    • Final notes

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Francesco Gola

NiSi, f-stop Gear & X-Rite Ambassador, Francesco has a passion for the sea and for travels that let him visit some of the most iconic locations on this planet looking at them with different eyes. While continuing to travel in search of new landscapes to be photographed, he now lives and works in Milan where he collaborates with companies, sites and magazines for the diffusion of photographic culture in Italy and in the world.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work this Class?

    After the payment, you can access the class simply by logging in to this site. You will find the course in your reserved area divided into several modules to facilitate its use. You can see the "curriculum" of the course in the "topics covered" section at the top.

  • How long can I access the Class?

    Forever. There is no time limit. Simply log in to this site and you'll find this class available anytime.

  • What experience level is required?

    This class has no particular prerequisites. The complete post-production workflow is described step by step, so just a basic knowledge of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop is required. Also for the external plug-ins is not required any particular knowledge to understand the methodology that will be applied.

  • Will I get support from the Photographer?

    Of course! For any topic related to this class, Francesco will be more than happy to help you and to reply to your questions!

Access to the course now, one-time payment and unlimited access to all content without time limits.